CARBO HAND PADS 6 X 9, Sold as 1 Each

October 2017 Elijah User Reviews

Total Score: 5.0

Quality Score: 5

Warranty Score: 6

Value Score: 5

Price at the time of review was $6.72. Not a good overall score for this Carborundum. Average value.

800 inlength: 9 in, 10. Acceptable quality.

700 inquantity: 60 per package. Users thought it was alright. Carbo hand pads 6 x 9an ultra fine grit, silicon carbide pad for denubbing within finish coats, as well as lacquer rubbingabrasive material: silicon carbideapplications: denibbing, denubbing within finish coats, as well as lacquer rubbing, finishingcolor: grayheight: 7. 200 inwidth: 6 in, 19.

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Additional Product Information

List Price: $6.72

Sale Price: $6.72


Manufacturer: Carborundum

Brand: Carborundum

Product Type: Kitchen

Product Group: Kitchen


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